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South Tynedale Railway

South Tynedale Railway - Alston, Cumbria.

The sidings allow access to the Carriage Works building, where the rakes forming the passenger train are stored. Once a train is in the sidings area, the Signalman releases a groundframe to allow shunting into the building. The next picture shows the Carriage Works from the sidings end On this occasion the roller-shutter doors are closed. Also in the picture are signals controlling exit from the Carriage Works sidings to the main line (left), and the Alston first home signal (right). The red board at the extreme right marks the commencement/termination of one train working.

Carriage Works.

Once a train reaches the destination terminus, the locomotive must be detached and run around to the other end of the train for the journey back. The new station at Kirkhaugh has a loop line to allow this. The points giving access to the loop are locked with the Key Token which also grants access to the single line. In the picture below you can see Kirkhaugh South Ground Frame. The release lever (left) has the Annetts key inserted. The centre lever operates the points and the right hand lever is the Facing Point Lock (which like the release would normally stand reversed at all times unless the points are being moved - for the photograph it is standing normal).

GF.jpg (18595 bytes)

The next picture is a view of Kirkhaugh station, taken from an overbridge at the north end of the station. You can see the run round loop and the catchpoints which provide protection against runaway permitting a vehicle to be left at the tailshunt. What you cannot see is the outstanding scenery that awaits a passenger alighting at the Station. For that you will have to make the journey !.

Kirkhaugh Station - the new terminus.

Immediately beyond Kirkhaugh lies a steep 1-in-56 gradient falling towards Lintley, en route to Slaggyford. The next picture shows the overbridge from which the previous picture was taken. We are sure that in years to come this view will show the continuation of the line to Slaggyford.

View towards Slaggyford.

The platform and buildings from the original branch still exist at Slaggyford, having recently acquired the lease for the trackbed from Kirkhaugh to Slaggyford, including the station building, some remedial work is underway to ensure no further deterioration of the listed station shelter. The next picture shows the platform and buildings at Slaggyford, following work by a select band of volunteers during the annual railway Effort Week in 1998.

Slaggyford Station.

Having completed the tour of the line and buildings, the next part of the tour looks at the rolling stock currently in use on the railway.

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